WORKSHOP Translational research infrastructure: submit, use, manage and combine imaging, clinical and molecular data

Co-chaired by Stefan Klein (Euro‚ÄźBioImaging, Erasmus MC), Morris Swertz (BBMRI, UMCG), and Freek de Bruijn (EATRIS, VUmc and NKI)

In this workshop we will briefly introduce the landscape of translational biomedical research with the bridges we have jointly built. These bridges allow medical researchers to submit, use, manage and combine imaging, clinical (including biosample: query biobanks to find samples and related data that are relevant for their/your research), and molecular data. You can see several bridges for translational biomedical research in action.

The first part of the workshop will describe the functionality offered by the systems and the connections at a high level and is mainly targeted at researchers interested in using these bridges, meaning you will be given the opportunity to get hands-on experience as the end user of these systems/services/bridges:

  1. Image storage, viewing, and processing using XNAT
  2. Integrative analysis of multi-domain data using tranSMART
  3. Using MOLGENIS for finding samples in a federated biobank catalogue
  4. Wizard to pool data from different biobanks using the metadata model and mapping registry
  5. Using Personalized Genomics portal for NGS patient annotation

The second part of the workshop goes into more technical detail (e.g. APIs) and is aimed at software developers and other technical staff.