WORKSHOP: New resources and tools to support the use of mouse data for the study of human diseases

Co-chaired by Michael Raess and Philipp Gormanns (HMGU/Infrafrontier), and Helen Parkinson (EMBL-EBI/ELIXIR)
The mouse is an important model organism for studying human disease. Specific phenotypes can be mimicked in mice to study etiology, pathology of human conditions and potential drugs and treatments. Utilizing the fast growing data resources generated by the INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure and the IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium) will provide an important contribution to deciphering causes, mechanisms and outcomes of human diseases. The BioMedBridges PhenoBridge work package has developed various methods and tools to enable mouse data analysis in the human disease context.
Presentations and detailed hands-on training will be provided for:
  • Phenotype ontologies in human and mouse (The newly developed diabetes ontology DIAB as bridging ontology)
  • INFRAFRONTIER mouse mining portal 
  • GenoBridge as part of the IMPC portal
  • PhenoDigm
  • Extension of the GWAS catalogue