WORKSHOP Journal data policies and practices: practical considerations for researchers

Co-chaired by Jo McEntyre (EMBL-EBI/ELIXIR) and Iain Hrynaszkiewicz (NPG Scientific Data)

Life science journals and databases in bioinformatics research have for many years coordinated efforts to ensure that supporting data for articles are deposited in the most appropriate public databases, where this aligns with community expectations. Recently there has been a growing interest in openness and provenance of evidence for the scientific assertions in the literature across multiple research disciplines, which has led to several journals developing policies, new content types and data citation practices. Alongside this, there are a growing number of options to make data available - in specialised databases, in general repositories such as figshare, Dryad and Dataverse, in institutional repositories or in data journals.

The goal of this workshop is to review recent experiences of journals in the implementation of data policies and their relationships with repositories; discuss the opportunities and challenges for authors and editors; and move towards a common understanding of deposition practices for different types of life sciences data cited in research articles.


15.00 Welcome and Introduction (Jo and Iain)

  • Roles and value of publishers/journals in data access and linking
  • Roles and value large databases/repositories and linking to publications
  • Goals in common and requirement to work together for mutual benefit

15.20 Data archiving practices and challenges at a large, multidisciplinary journal - Damian Pattinson, PLOS One
15.30 Submission database perspectives & challenges - Guy Cochrane, European Nucleotide Archive, EMBL-EBI
15.40 The author/researcher's experience - Stephen Eglen, Cambridge University
15.50 Exercise to facilitate discussion/brainstorming
16.30 Formulation of recommendations for further discussion and dissemination
17.00 Close