WORKSHOP Interoperability of cellular phenotypic data derived from microscopy images

Co-chairs: Gabriella Rusticy (University of Cambridge), Tanja Ninkovic (EMBL, ELIXIR)

This workshop will present the Cellular Microscopy Phenotype Ontology (CMPO), a species neutral ontology that is specifically developed for describing general phenotypic observations relating to the whole cell, cellular components, cellular processes or cell populations. CMPO was developed as part of the BioMedBridges project to allow researchers to apply the same imaging standards in different biological domains, enabling them to integrate different imaging datasets (e.g. human, mouse, cell lines etc.).

At this workshop, we will introduce CMPO, its content and browse this ontology through the Ontology Lookup Service (OLS). We will also discuss the results of our comparative analysis of independent imaging datasets annotated with CMPO terms to allow for easier integration. In addition, we will present future plans for the extension of CMPO and how this ontology has become a crucial component of a new BBSRC Image Data Repository (IDR) being developed by the University of Dundee, University of Cambridge and EMBL-EBI.

At the end of the workshop we will support workshop participants with the hands-on application of CMPO on their microscopy images, allowing them to test the potential and limitations of the ontology. Feel free to bring your own images of tissues or cell cultures. Resolution and staining of images should allow you to observe a phenotype at the cellular level.


  • What is CMPO and how to browse it? - Simon Jupp
  • Comparative analysis – Jean-Karim Heriche
  • CMPO and IDR – Eleanor Williams
  • Hands-on application of ontology on cellular/tissue microscopy images of workshop participants