WORKSHOP Data Sharing for Advancing Health

Co-chaired by Jan-Eric Litton, BBMRI-ERIC, Jacques Demotes, ECRIN, Christoph Steinbeck, PhenNoMeNal

The aim of this two-hour workshop is to point out the achievements and bridges towards harmonization and linkages between BMS research infrastructures.

  • Introduction by session chairs (Jan-Eric Litton, Jacques Demotes, BBMRI/ERIC)
  • Sharing data from clinical and medical research (Christoph Steinbeck, EMBL-EBI, PhenoMenal)
  • Data harmonization in different types of biobanks (Petr Holub, BBMRI)
  • Opening the Common Service ELSI for the needs of all BMS (Michaela Th. Mayrhofer, BBMRI)
  • Sharing patient-level clinical trial data (Christian Ohmann, ECRIN)
  • Discussion