WORKSHOP Challenges in interoperability and semantic data integration - Lessons learned from BioMedBridges and OpenPhacts

Co-chaired by Helen Parkinson (EMBL-EBI/ELIXIR) and Bryn Williams-Jones (Connected Discovery)

Interoperability and semantic data integration still present a challenge to the working bioinformatician and for large scale data integration projects. This session will explore the lessons learned from two large interoperability projects - the IMI funded OpenPhacts, and the EC funded BioMedBridges. We will look forward to a new tool set for semantic interoperability for CORBEL, and discuss priorities for the bioinformatics community. 

1. Lessons learned from OpenPhacts - Bryn Williams-Jones
2. Lessons learned from BioMedBridges - Nick Juty
3. A design for semantic interoperability - OLS3 - Simon Jupp/Tony Burdett
4. BioSamples RDF a case study - Marco Brandizi
5. Discussion: Desiderata for CORBEL