WORKSHOP Better data-level metrics: quality and impact

Co-chaired by Rebecca Lawrence and Thomas Ingraham (F1000/F1000Research), Sunje  Dallmeier-Tiessen (CERN) and David Baker (CASRAI), Alex Ball (National History Museum)

Enhanced metrics that can capture both the quality and impact of research data are of increasing interest to researchers, repositories, institutions and funders. A number of initiatives and working groups are currently active in this area. This workshop will be an opportunity to hear, and then discuss, the progress and outcomes to date of several of these projects, covering CASRAI Dataset Level Metrics, NISO Alternative Assessment Metrics, RDA/WDS Publishing Data Bibliometrics and Making Data Count.

The aim of the workshop is to obtain feedback from a broad range of members of the data community to help further inform the direction of these initiatives, as well as to encourage potential collaborations.

The target audience is anyone involved in creating, storing, publishing or using scientific data, or in working to measure the impact of new datasets. The expected outcomes of the workshop are a compilation of feedback from all sections of the data community on any problems and/or solutions regarding the proposed metrics, and also identification of interested parties in taking part in the implementation of the use cases (once finalized).

Symposium: Open bridges for life-science data