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WP3 - ESFRI BMS Standards Description and Harmonization

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The WP will add scientific value and provide support for the integration of data between the BMS Research Infrastructure domains through cataloguing, reviewing, modification, harmonization, registration and implementation of existing identifier, content, syntactic and semantic standards across the infrastructures to support data exchange, integration and infrastructure development.

  1. Provision and use of common molecular identifiers (eCMI)
  2. Identification, harmonization and integration of partner standards
  3. Provision of standards and harmonized elements in an accessible standards registry (eSTR)
  4. Provision and population of a Service Registry (eSR).

Standardization is necessary to ensure that infrastructures

  • can work together (syntactic interoperability: data models, data formats, APIs, service descriptions, registration and discovery of services)
  • understand each other's data (semantic interoperability: ontologies, vocabularies, coding systems, common identifiers)
  • have analysis and supporting tools that complement each other and can be combined in a pipeline (process interoperability) and allow multiple data sets from different origins (including public resources) to be analysed together.
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