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Unlocking data from mouse disease models: diabetes ontology | BioMedBridges

Unlocking data from mouse disease models: diabetes ontology

DIAB Ontology

Data integration between mouse disease models and human studies is hindered by fundamental differences in the ontologies used by the respective communities to describe the same phenotypes. Common standards and ontologies to bridge the phenotype gap between mouse and human open extensive mouse phenotype data to clinical researchers. In addition, in humans, diabetes unfolds in temporal stages: prediabetes, diabetes, and late consequences/complications of diabetes. The BioMedBridges diabetes-specific ontology enables users to integrate data resources related to these particular diabetes concepts.

To develop a comprehensive set of terms to describe Type 2 diabetes and obesity phenotypes in mouse and human, Type 2 Diabetes-related phenotypes were mined from the literature for use as new phenotype terms. Expert clinicians/diabetologists then curated the mined terms and categorised them by temporal disease stages. The ontology was then used for the annotation of mouse and human datasets with specific terminology representing Type 2 Diabetes progression, which will ultimately support translational research.

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