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Knowledge Exchange Workshop: Resource Description Framework (RDF) | BioMedBridges

Knowledge Exchange Workshop: Resource Description Framework (RDF)

This workshop was held at TMF - - on the 29-30 April 2014.
For more information about the event, please contact Tom Hancocks -

Workshop Overview

This covered the emerging Resource Description Framework (RDF) as a technology for describing, publishing and linking many types of data. RDF provides a common mechanism for data description, ontology integration and exploration using a common query language, SPARQL. For those working in the life sciences RDF offers a new approach for distributing and consuming biological data. This workshop provided an introduction to these technologies, practical experience and discussion around their use.

The workshop covered:

  • How data is represented in RDF
  • Relationship between ontologies and RDF
  • Writing SPARQL queries for biological data
  • Case Study: EMBL-EBI RDF Platform


Workshop Programme

Time Subject Trainer
Day 1
12:00 Welcome and introduction Tom Hancocks
12:15 Semantic Web for beginners Simon Jupp
13:00 Lunch  
13:45 Participant introductions All
14:00 Modelling data in RDF Simon Jupp
15:00 Generating data in RDF Simon Jupp
15:45 Break  
16:15 RDF databases Simon Jupp
17:15 SPARQL querying Simon Jupp
18:15 Discussion  All
18:30 End of day  
Day 2    
09:30 ChEMBL RDF Mark Davies
10:30 Break  
11:00 EBI RDF platform Mark Davies, Simon Jupp
11:30 Practical: Exploring EBI RDF platform Mark Davies, Simon Jupp
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Practical: Federated queries Simon Jupp
14:30 Break  
15:00 Discussion All
15:30 End of workshop  


Living Document

The Living Document created during the course can be viewed as a Google Doc: RDF Living Document


The slides used as part of the workshop have been uploaded onto this webpage.