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Knowledge Exchange Workshop: Personal data in the life sciences | BioMedBridges

Knowledge Exchange Workshop: Personal data in the life sciences

Workshop information

Monday 30 June 2014

TMF, Berlin

Workshop overview

This workshop was organised by WP5 - Secure Access. It explored the European regulatory landscape on data sharing, current challenges for researchers wanting to share or access sensitive data, how future legislation might affect biomedical research, and current resources available to guide scientists through the process.

The workshop included presentations on IPAC, the BBMRI-WIKI, hSERM, REMS and the online legal tool developed by WP5. Discussions examined these resources, identified common elements and areas where further work could help integrate their services and how a collaborative best practice guide could be developed.

Workshop participation

A total of seventeen participants attended the workshop. Participants included BMB members, ESFRI partners and and invited representatives of external projects including P3G, Inserm, TRAIT and REMS.

Presentations and workshop report

Please download below.