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Technical Coordination Committee


The Technical Coordination Committee coordinates the work of the different work packages (WP) and provides support during the implementation of technical aspects of project deliverables. It comprises the Coordinator and the work package leaders (WPLs) or their deputies of the construction, management and coordination WPs. Use case WPLs (WP6-10) are invited to participate in meetings of the committee throughout the duration of the project; their participation is mandatory during the tenure of their use case. Those BMS Research Infrastructures which are not already represented (via one of the WPs) may appoint a technical representative to sit on this committee. The committee is chaired by the Coordinator of the grant.


  • assess and report to the Executive Steering Committee on the progress of the work packages
  • identify and prioritise future tasks for the following year.
  • focus on the day-to-day and technical issues involved in achieving the planned deliverables and constructing the infrastructure.

Meetings and communication

The Technical Coordination Committee meets up to twice per year in person and holds monthly conference calls to deal with routine issues and resolve any urgent problems that may arise. The WPLs and deputies of each Work Package ensure good communication both within their WP and with the rest of the project through this committee.

Committee meetings (for project partners only)


Chair Janet Thornton  
Work Package
Work Package Leader Deputy
WP3 ESFRI BMS Standards Description and Harmonization Helen Parkinson, Morris Swertz  
WP4 Technical integration Ewan Birney Martyn Winn, Julie McMurry
WP5 Secure access Christian Ohmann, Klaus Kuhn  
WP2 Outreach and inreach Janneke van Denderen Rinus Voorham
WP12 Training Cath Brooksbank Tom Hancocks
Use case WPs    
WP6 Interoperability of large scale image data sets

Jean-Karim Hériché

Bernd Fischer, Gabriella Rustici
WP7 PhenoBridge Michael Raess  
WP8 Personalized medicine Imre Västrik Henrik Edgren
WP9 From cells to molecules-integrating structural data Martyn Winn Ardan Patwardhan
WP10 Integrating disease related data and terminology Alvis Brazma  
Technical representatives (for RIs not otherwise represented)    
Remo Sanges, Charles Cook (EMBRC)    
John Overington (EU-OPENSCREEN)