Simple and versatile biobank sample information federation: MIABIS Connect

MIABIS Connect

Finding biosamples with specific characteristics across different biobanks is challenging because each biobank manages sample information differently. Together with the sensitive nature of large amounts of biosample information, this makes it difficult to pull information together for example in a central place where a researcher can browse and discover groups of samples that might be suitable for a given research project.

MIABIS Connect is a biobank information federation prototype using MIABIS 2.0, which is the de facto standard for biobank data sharing in BBMRI-ERIC and has also been adopted by other biobank networks and projects. This sample-centred biobank information federation framework aims to facilitate sample discovery across a large number of biobanks.

MIABIS Connect is an Open-source software framework that can be easily adopted by the biobank and research communities. By sharing information via MIABIS the software allows biobanks to keep their idiosyncratic semantics, saving tremendous efforts that would otherwise be required for annotating samples with different terms. Equally important is that MIABIS Connect allows biobank data to stay at the biobank - only the results of queries are fetched from the biobanks to be viewed through the common query interface. The tool requires minimum involvement of biobank IT support for deployment and maintenance and provides a means for biobanks to visualise summary information on the samples they hold.

The software framework behind MIABIS Connect is versatile and can be implemented for other bio-resources, for example biobank services, research experiment data, etc.

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