This project is no longer active and this site is provided for reference only. Please contact for enquiries about the project.
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Sharing protein engineering knowledge


PiMS is a laboratory information management system for use in recombinant protein production laboratories; to manage the stages from the selected target protein to the production of soluble protein. PiMS development is part of a larger vision to provide a unified and extensible set of software tools for structural biology, offering seamless data transfer and a consistent user experience, from target selection to the interpretation of the structure.

The previous system of manual record keeping is stressed by the increasing productivity of protein scientists, as protocols become more effective and high throughput methods spread.  Concomitantly, other scientists and end-users are demanding increasingly complex, deeper and more flexible queries of the data and especially to interpret and analyse data in light of other datasets, for example, protein sequence and structural information.  The desire to support such queries and other advanced query scenarios motivated this pilot, which provides a new RESTful interface over PiMS serving data in Semantic Web formats.

The PiMS REST interface provides an opportunity for life scientists to examine their experimental data and derive more information that was lost/went unnoticed at earlier instances. The interface represents responses to searches in multiple semantic-web formats. This presents an opportunity for machine learning algorithms to use this information and make inferences from the experimental data supplied.

Further information

PiMS is one of the pilot activities carried out as part of the technical integration effort of BioMedBridges.