This project is no longer active and this site is provided for reference only. Please contact for enquiries about the project.
Scientific Advisory Board | BioMedBridges

Scientific Advisory Board


The BioMedBridges Scientific Advisory Board comprises experts in the biological and biomedical life science infrastructure area. It includes world class biologists, IT experts, ethical and legal experts.


  • Advise the two management committees on scientific matters concerning the implementation of the project.
  • Report back to all partners

Meetings and communication

The Scientific Advisory Board meets annually.

Committee meetings (for project partners only)


Chair: Eero Vuorio

University of Helsinki; Biocenter Finland

Lee Harland

CTO & Founder at Connected Discovery Ltd; CTO at IMI-Open PHACTS semantic web project; Founder at SciBite Limited; Visiting Scientist, Computational Chemical Biology Group at EBI and e-Research Centre at University of Oxford
Lawrence Hunter School of Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver
Bartha Maria Knoppers Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University/Genome Quebec Innovation Centre; Public Population Project in Genomics (P3G)
Babis Savakis University of Crete, IMBB-FORTH