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University Medical Center Groningen

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The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) has a longstanding tradition of genetics and epidemiogical studies, both population-based as well as on clinical patients and model organisms. Partner group is the Genomics Coordination Center (GCC), a fast growing team of 16 researchers, programmers and system managers specifically set up to support researchers in the management and exploitation of new bioinformatics models, databases, pipelines and infrastructure for the next generation of GWA, GWL and NGS experiments in biobanks and model organisms. GCC is organized as an interfacultary bridge between the UMCG Department of Genetics, providing bioinformatics support for genetics research in next generation sequencing, the UMCG Department of Epidemiology „Trial Coordination Center‟, providing bioinformatics support for molecular data in the 165,000 individual/30 year LifeLines biobank, the RuG Centre for Information Technology, building towards „petabyte‟ scale storage and compute infrastructure, and the Groningen Bioinformatics developing new bioinformatics methods for high-throughput epignomic, gene expression, protein, and metabolite QTL studies in model organisms. The work includes generation of suitable „e-Science‟ infrastructures using their open source MOLGENIS platform to manage and analyze all these new data.