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Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn

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The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn is operated by the Italian ministry of Research and Education (MIUR) and is dedicated to basic and applied research in the marine biological sciences. The SZN includes a main facility located in Naples, a field-station on the island of Ischia and a turtle research centre at Bagnoli (Naples). These facilities provide access to a range of species-rich Mediterranean ecosystems, including a high-CO2 volcanic marine site. The scientific and service staff has extensive experience with collecting and maintaining model species (Amphioxus, Caretta, Ciona, cephalopods, copepods, sea urchins, Posidonia, planktonic protists) and performing multi-disciplinary research on these organisms. “Wet” platforms include 3 coastal research vessels, climate-controlled rooms, and 100 tanks with filtered, cooled and UV-sterilized local seawater. “Dry” platforms exist for molecular biology (high throughput sequencing, robotic sample handling, bioinformatics), imaging (SEM, TEM, light and confocal microscopy), flow-cytometry, plankton identification, in-situ hybridization, a library and an IT service. Research at SZN is conducted in four departments: Animal Physiology and Evolution, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Ecology and Evolution of Plankton and Functional and Evolutionary Ecology. The SZN runs an active international PhD programme (ca. 50 PhD students at any given moment) in collaboration with the Open University in London and regional Universities.