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Supporting researchers using sensitive data - BioMedBridges workshop | BioMedBridges

Supporting researchers using sensitive data - BioMedBridges workshop

Organised by the BioMedBridges partners from TMF, technical staff, legal and ethics experts met on 30 June in Berlin to discuss how best to support life science researchers who need to use sensitive data and/or biosamples. Presentations outlined current and proposed EU data regulations, and synergies between existing resources that aid researchers in navigating various local, national, European and international legislation were explored. Participants learned about the guidance provided by the BBMRI legal wiki, the International Policy interoperability and data Access Clearinghouse (IPAC) and the Human Sample Exchange Regulation Navigator (hSERN), and the BioMedBridges tool for the assessment of legal and ethical requirements (see details below).The Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS) was also presented to explore whether, during the process of applying for access to certain datasets, a user might benefit from information on ethics and legal implications being provided.

The discussions reflected the complexity of the issue and highlighted the need to collaborate with each other, as each tool or resource covers a slightly different user group and provides a different level of resolution of the information provided to researchers. Ultimately, separate resources, maintained by the experts in the respective fields, may be needed while - in the longer-term -  harmonization and ease of use for the researcher are very desirable. Workshop participants agreed to continue the very useful discussions and establish initial interactions. More information on the workshop and the presentations are available here.

REPORT: Supporting researchers using sensitive data - BioMedBridges knowledge exchange workshop