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Standards and data harmonization: prerequisites to data integration | BioMedBridges

Standards and data harmonization: prerequisites to data integration

Domain experts discuss standards and identifiers best practice at BioMedBridges workshop

BioMedBridges workshop brings domain experts together

The workshop, hosted on 24-25 June by VUMC in Amsterdam, was attended by project partners and invited external experts from CDISC, and The aims of the workshop were to explore several aspects of standardisation, primarily:

  • Defining entity identifiers and identifiers best practice
  • Development of a standards registry which will document the standards in use within the biomedical sciences research infrastructures, facilitate data integration by matching data elements and integrate other resources within BioMedBridges and externally.

Presentations emphasized the importance of standards for biological data sharing and outlined the current standards landscape. Gap analyses were carried out in group sessions to identify common challenges faced in each field and how working solutions could be found through collaboration. A best practice document for identifiers is intended to be published later in the year. Based on the discussions, the standards registry developed within BioMedBridges will be integrated with existing resources such as,, the EDAM ontology and the BioMedBridges Service Registry. Information on key standards used in the biomedical sciences research infrastructure domains will be included as a priority and regular community input will be sought to keep the information up to date. Presentations given at the workshop are available online. For further information or to get involved, please contact Nathalie Conte.

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