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Life science data interoperability resources kick off collaboration | BioMedBridges

Life science data interoperability resources kick off collaboration

In the life sciences, users are faced with a choice of multiple resources to facilitate and promote the use of standards, policies, models, identifiers, databases, tools, services, and ontologies. Some of these resources are well established while others are less mature and, although the scope of each is quite specific, there is potential overlap. Representatives of, EDAM ontology, and the BioMedBridges Tools and Data Services Registry and Standards Registry met on 1 October at EMBL-EBI in Hinxton during a Knowledge Exchange Workshop to identify areas of collaboration and coordination. Workshop participants agreed to establish ways to avoid redundancies and to maximise impact.

The workshop followed the initial BioMedBridges standards workshop held in June in Amsterdam and, together with the upcoming workshop on “A common vocabulary to classify resources in the life sciences”, is part of a series of BioMedBridges workshops contributing to the harmonisation of the life science data interoperability landscape.