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Older news items

BioMedBridges partner Helen Parkinson speaking at a webinar: "Current uses of and future directions for the Genome-Wide Association Studies Catalog", 18 July 2013.

Registration now open for course: EMBL Advanced Course: Computational Aspects of High-Throughput Screening planning and analysisEMBL Heidelberg, Germany, Monday 14 October - Wednesday 16 October 2013. 

The BioMedBridges tools registry has been highlighted in the iSGTW article: "Optimizing simulations for life — ScalaLife". 

The first BioMedBridges Annual General Meeting took place on 11-12 March in Duesseldorf, Germany. Over 70 participants exchanged their expertise and discussed the progress of the project.

BioMedBridges has been highlighted in the 2011 Activity Report on Research and Innovation of the European Commission. 

The e-IRG "Blue Paper on Data Management 2012" features BioMedBridges as one of several pilot studies.