Manage cross-references between digital entities with different identifiers


The digital world is full of digital entities that are referred to by multiple identifiers, often assigned by different repositories out of a technical necessity. Integrating these digital entities requires storing information on the relation between the different identifiers. This is frequently done at the level of individual repositories holding the digital entities, which makes this process work intensive and introduces a high potential level of redundancy. By providing one single place for all different identifiers of a given digital entity, myEquivalents makes this task significantly more effective.

myEquivalents stores links between two digital records in a common place. For instance, the experimental biological sample with accession number SAMEA2053452 in the Biosamples database is the same identified by accession number ERS218624 on the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). myEquivalents is very general and not limited to the life science domain. For example, it would have no problem in managing the correspondence between the Wikipedia reference about Barak Obama ( and a page on the White House web site ( describing Obama as well.


  • is very flexible in managing arbitrary data sources
  • maps arbitrary pairs of identifiers
  • supports multiple identifier representations, such as accession+repository name versus straight URIs
  • is general and not specific of the life science application domain
  • is open source, so anyone can install their own myEquivalents service instance
  • works primarily as a Java library for programmers
  • has been deployed as part of a number of updates to the BioSamples database

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