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Making sure standards are fit for purpose | BioMedBridges

Making sure standards are fit for purpose

Metadata Model and Mapping Registry

In the life sciences, users are faced with a choice of multiple resources to facilitate and promote the use of standards, policies, models, identifiers, databases, tools, services, and ontologies. However, once suitable standards have been identified, users previously needed to manually explore technical documentation to uncover the full details necessary to assess whether they are fit for purpose. Using a simple Google search, the Metadata Model and Mapping Registry (MMMR) enables researchers to find a representative collection of meta-data artefacts (models, formats, minimal information guidelines, biobank data dictionaries, detailed clinical/research models) of use to the biomedical science community. Next to the description of model entities and attributes, the registry includes provenance details, links to relevant publications and key contact information.

To achieve the objectives, it was necessary to develop a minimum information model to describe meta-models, building on existing open source standards and software as well as (meta) data cataloguing efforts in BBMRI. The registry content and software are open access and open source in order to further facilitate reuse and community participation.

Future plans

In future releases the registry will be enhanced with semantic search capabilities and by integration of the BiobankConnect mapping tool. This initiative is part of the broader movement to promote findability, accessibility, integration and reusability of scientific data (FAIR principles,, and in particular to promote the use of (de facto) standards within and beyond the twelve biomedical sciences research infrastructures involved in BioMedBridges.

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