This project is no longer active and this site is provided for reference only. Please contact for enquiries about the project.
Imaging data management and interoperability | BioMedBridges

Imaging data management and interoperability


The open source platform XNAT has been customised with a REST interface that allows other applications (both web services and desktop applications) to embed data from medical imaging databases into XNAT and vice versa. Imaging data can be sent directly from a clinical workstation to the server and from there to a computing cluster to be analysed; image-derived results can then automatically be stored in XNAT. In this way, a user-friendly data bridge for medical imaging trials is provided that enables the centralised sharing and analysis of imaging and image-derived data and which supports centralised correlative analysis between image-derived data and other types of data such as clinical data (e.g. disease status, age) and genetic data.

To simplify the installation of the XNAT imaging platform, a generic script was developed that largely automates the deployment. This script was made available to the community, in order to further promote the use of the XNAT imaging platform.

Further information

Bigr XNAT is one of the pilot activities carried out as part of the technical integration effort of BioMedBridges.