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First BioMedBridges Annual General Meeting | BioMedBridges

First BioMedBridges Annual General Meeting

11-12 March 2013

University Hospital Duesseldorf



Day 1, 11 March

Welcome (C. Ohmann, U. Duesseldorf/ECRIN)

Introduction (J. Thornton, EBI/ELIXIR)

Research Infrastructures under Horizon2020 (L. Saracco, European Commission)

Updates from the BMS RIs

BBMRI (M. Fransson)
EATRIS (G. Meijer)
ECRIN (C. Ohmann)
ELIXIR (J. Thornton)
EMBRC (C. Brownlee)
EU-OPENSCREEN (J. Overington)
Euro-BioImaging (T. Ninkovic)
Infrafrontier (M. Räss)

Brief project status overview (J. Thornton)

Status of technical developments: construction work packages

WP3 Standards (N. Conte, EBI/ELIXIR)
WP4 Technical Integration (H. Parkinson, EBI/ELIXIR)
WP5 Secure access (C. Ohmann, U. Duesseldorf/ECRIN)

Status of use cases

WP6 Images (T. Ninkovic, EMBL/Euro-BioImaging)
WP7 PhenoBridge (M. Räss, Helmholtz Centre Munich/Infrafrontier)
WP8 Personalised medicine (H. Edgren, U. Helsinki-FIMM/EATRIS)
WP9 Structural data (M. Winn, STFC/INSTRUCT)
WP10 Disease-related data (A. Brazma, EBI/ELIXIR)

BioMedBridges training workshops (T. Hancocks, EBI/ELIXIR)

Project-wide metrics (S. Suhr, EBI/ELIXIR)

Guest speaker: Introduction to the p-medicine project (N. Graf, U. Saarland)

Day 2, 12 March

Guest speaker: DASISH - Accessing data in the Social Sciences and Humanities (D. Broeder, MPI Psycholinguistics)
Guest speaker: BioMedBridges Ethical Governance Framework: elements to consider (B.M. Knoppers, U. Montreal)
Introduction to the BioMedBridges web services registry (J. Ison, EBI/ELIXIR)


TOPIC 1: BioMedBridges service registry: features workshop

TOPIC 2: BioMedBridges usage scenarios – focus data sharing in personalised and translational medicine (C. Ohmann and S. Seufert, U. Duesseldorf/ECRIN) 
   Imaging usage scenario (S. Klein, ErasmusMC/Euro-Bioimaging)
   Phenobridge usage scenario (P. Gormanns, Helmholtz Centre Munich/Infrafrontier)
   Structural data usage scenario (A. Woollard, STFC/INSTRUCT)
   Personalized medicine usage scenario (H. Edgren, U. Helsinki-FIMM/EATRIS)
   Integrated disease data usage scenario (U. Sarkans, EBI/ELIXIR)