This project is no longer active and this site is provided for reference only. Please contact for enquiries about the project.
Executive Steering Committee | BioMedBridges

Executive Steering Committee


The Executive Steering Committee provides strategic direction and is the decision-making body of the project, in charge of overseeing progress and facilitating global collaboration among the participants. The Committee consists of the coordinators of the 10 biomedical sciences research infrastructures that are contributing to the project. It is chaired by the BioMedBridges Coordinator.


  • make decisions concerning the financial management of the project
  • measure progress against the specific objectives, milestones and deliverables of each work package
  • develop metrics to measure the impact of the work
  • ensure good coordination with the members of their own infrastructure
  • oversee the consolidation of the data-infrastructure needs of the different projects and develop a joint policy on these issues
  • monitor the sustainability of the components of the infrastructure being developed and develop a plan for support following the completion of the grant.

Meetings and communication

The Executive Steering Committee meets once a year and holds conference calls every two to three months. The meetings are held in connection with the Annual General Meetings where possible.


Janet Thornton


RI Representative


BMS RI Partner(s) represented
Jan-Eric Litton Markus Pasterk BBMRI-ERIC KI, TUM, MUG, UMCG
Gerrit Meijer Jan Willem Boiten EATRIS UH, TMF, VUMC
Jaques Demotes Christian Ohmann ECRIN UDUS, INSERM
Søren Brunak Niklas Blomberg ELIXIR EMBL-EBI, UCPH
Hervé Raoul Caroline Carbonelle ERINHA INSERM
Philip Gribbon Ronald Frank EU-OPENSCREEN FVB
Jan Ellenberg Tanja Ninkovic Euro-BioImaging EMBL, ErasmusMC
Martin Hrabé de Angelis Michael Raess Infrafrontier HGMU
David Stuart Lucia Banci Instruct UOX, CIRMMP, STFC
Richard Kitney Barbara Skene ISBE
Associate partner
Erko Stackebrandt TBD MIRRI Associate partner