This project is no longer active and this site is provided for reference only. Please contact for enquiries about the project.
e-Infrastructure Advisory Board | BioMedBridges

e-Infrastructure Advisory Board


The e-Advisory Task Force forms the Technology Watch Work Package (WP11) and, consequently, plays a more integral part in the project than a conventional advisory board.


  • Keep the project informed on developments in this field and in general guarantee a close association between the ICT e-infrastructures and BioMedBridges
  • Collate e-infrastructure requirements and requirements for data and service bridges from WPs
  • Inform BioMedBridges partners about and leverage of previous in-depth work
  • Aim to identify possible future projects outside the remit of BioMedBridges and create social links by laying the ground work for future collaborations

Meetings and communication

The eAdvisory Task Force meets in conjunction with the Annual General Meetings.

Committee meetings (for project partners only)


John Chevers DANTE Chief Business Development Officer, GÉANT
Bob Jones CERN Openlab, Head
Kimmo Koski

IT Center for Science, Finland, Managing Director; EUDAT Project Coordinator

Gergely Sipos European Grid Infrastructure, Technical Outreach Manager
Steven Newhouse EMBL-EBI, Head of Technical Services