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Report on regulations, privacy and security requirements | BioMedBridges

5.1 - Report on regulations, privacy and security requirements

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By enabling interoperability and cooperation between infrastructures, data protection as well as data security challenges will be lifted to a new and higher level. Openly accessible biomolecular and structural data may become linked to data that is and has to remain protected, such as patient data. The combination of different sources of open data may, in some cases, result in an increased risk of identification. Thus, data protection as well as data security are of essential relevance for this project. To address this problem, work package 5 is developing a security framework which will ensure that services provided by BioMedBridges are compliant with national and European data protection regulations, privacy rules and access policies. The basis for this security framework is provided by a systematic in depth analysis of legal and ethical rules for sharing data and information between infrastructures on a European and national level. Thus, to operate data bridges between research infrastructures, one of the issues that must be clarified deals with legal interoperability. This report compiles the necessary requirements to ensure legal interoperability with respect to data protection, privacy and security of the envisioned data bridges.