This project is no longer active and this site is provided for reference only. Please contact for enquiries about the project.
ESFRI BMS Meta Service Registry (eSR) | BioMedBridges

3.3 - ESFRI BMS Meta Service Registry (eSR)

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This prototype service registry was developed with contributions from BioMedBridges partners and in collaboration with ELIXIR. The registry is designed to make it easy for researchers to find, compare, and use biomedical software to address a scientific question or research support task such as “What are all of the Gene Ontology tools? Which of these is most highly cited?”. By returning relevant, structured results, the registry complements search engines like Google: the user can specify exactly what they need, using various search and filter options, and get a tailored list of suitable resources. From sequencing to structures, imaging to indexing, the registry’s domain scope is very broad; it also encompasses webservices, web GUIs, desktop GUIs, and commandline tools. This broad scope ensures coverage of a substantial portion of the tools and data services of use to Research Infrastructures represented in BioMedBridges. Information about tools includes crucial provenance details, links to relevant publications and grants and key contact information. To achieve the objectives, it was necessary to develop a sustainable, scalable minimum metadata model and formal schema to describe software. The model was purpose-built to be lightweight and flat in order to facilitate adoption by other software registries that may be looking to provide or aggregate software metadata in the future. The registry data model, software, and content (metadata describing the tools) are openly available in order to further encourage re-use and community participation.