This project is no longer active and this site is provided for reference only. Please contact for enquiries about the project.
Deliverables | BioMedBridges


Deliverable no Title Due month Status
1.1 Website 12 Completed
1.2 Devise Metrics to measure progress and impact of construction 12 Completed
1.3 1st Periodic Report 24 Completed
1.4 2nd Periodic Report 36 Completed
1.5 Final Report & Sustainability Plan 48 Ongoing
1.6 ED1: The Ethical Governance Framework for BioMedBridges 18 Completed
1.7 ED2: Progress of Compliance with Requirements of the Ethics Review Report 36 Completed
1.8 ED3: External Independent Ethics Advisors Report 48 Completed
2.1 Initial basic branding, including logo, PowerPoint and poster templates 2 Completed
2.2 Definition and segmentation of stakeholders 6 Completed
2.3 Definition of a user-centred design process with the technical work packages 9 Completed
2.4 Development and implementation of outreach plan for different stakeholder groups 48 Completed
2.5 Final AGM – meeting and report 48 Completed
3.1 Online Dictionary of common molecular identifiers of the biomedical sciences research infrastructures 36 Completed
3.2 Mapping and registry of ESFRI BMS standards (eSTR) 36 Completed
3.3 ESFRI BMS Meta Service Registry (eSR) 36 Completed
3.4 Harmonisation of semantic standards supporting use cases from WP7 and WP10, report 48 Completed
4.1 A brief collation of existing use cases to start the agile software iteration 3 Completed
4.2 Assessment of feasible data integration paths in BioMedBridges databases 6 Completed
4.3 Pilot integration using REST Web Services 18 Completed
4.4 Identification of feasible BioMedBridges pilots for semantic web integration 18 Completed
4.5 Pilot integration of REST based vignette services for the second round BMS projects 24 Completed
4.6 Pilot integration of Web Services based simple object queries 42 Completed
4.7 Report on the scaleability of semantic web integration in BioMedBridges 36 Completed
4.8 Report on Web Services based integration of BioMedBridges integration across all appropriate services 48 Completed
5.1 Report on regulations, privacy and security requirements 18 Completed
5.2 Tool for assessment of regulatory and ethical requirements, including supportive documents 24 Completed
5.3 Report describing the security architecture and framework 30 Completed
5.4 Implementation of a pilot for the security framework 48 Completed
6.1 List of standards and ontologies in cellular image data sets 24 Completed
6.2 List of standards and ontologies in mouse image data sets 24 Completed
6.3 List of standards and ontologies in human image data sets 24 Completed
6.4 Mapping of standards and ontologies between the different image reference data sets 36 Completed
6.5 Set of predicted biomarkers 48 Completed
7.1 Human-mouse ontology mapping workshop 24 Completed
7.2 Development of co-annotated mouse-human datasets 36 Completed
7.3 Prototype discovery tool for mouse-human phenotype based on outputs of D7.1 and D7.2 48 Completed
8.1 Process specification for secure sharing of and access to PM data 30 Completed
8.2 Definition of PM data types (report) 30 Completed
8.3 Demonstration of interoperability between different types of PM data 48 Completed
9.1 Final version of the shape-matching software 36 Completed
9.2 Final version of the web-based shape-matching service 39 Completed
9.3 Final version of the web-service for segmentation and identification of components in volume data 48 Completed
9.4 Final fully-integrated version of software to estimate the probability of various conformations 48 Completed
10.1 Mapping between data elements 24 Completed
10.2 A prototype linking ICD10/SNOMED CT concepts to Ensembl gene identifiers. 30 Completed
10.3 A prototype federated query interface for information on biosamples 48 Completed
11.1 First periodic report on current developments in the ICT e-Infrastructures 18 Completed
11.2 Second periodic report of the e-infrastructure advisory board 36 Completed
11.3 Third periodic report of the e-infrastructure advisory board 48 Completed
12.1 Documentation from workshops 1 and 2 24 Completed
12.2 Documentation from workshops 3 and 4 42 Completed
12.3 User training plan, including workshops at conferences 36 Completed
12.4 Report of user training performed in months 36-48 48 Completed